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Created on 2011-04-19 21:40:01 (#868215), last updated 2011-06-01 (328 weeks ago)

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Name:In Memory of Sarah Jane Smith
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The Rules/Questions and Answers

In response to the loss of Elisabeth Sladen on 19 April, 2011, I decided to run a ficathon in her memory. Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, Big Finish audios, crossovers -- it's all welcome here, as long as Sarah Jane takes the lead.

Between now and 1 June, 2011, I invite everyone to write a story about our favorite sonic lipstick-wielding intrepid reporter. Write about Sarah's adventures with the Doctor -- any of the Doctors. Or all of them. Write about Sarah's relationship with Luke, with the family by which she finds herself surrounded (whether she wanted it or not). Write about what comes between: something set during the Big Finish Sarah Jane Smith audios, or your own particular take on what happens to Sarah between the Classic and New series. Write about how Sarah spends time in the United States -- and helps the Winchester brothers track down a monster, or rescues Luke and/or Clyde from behind the walls of Tower Prep, or tangles with 5-0 in Hawaii on the trail of an alien shapeshifter. Mostly, write about Sarah being the incredibly awesome woman that we all love and remember.

Rest in peace, Ms. Sladen. You gave life to Sarah Jane Smith; now let us give life to you in our memories.
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